We participated in the installation of “Ledovec” (Iceberg), a story told over the heads of visitors and tenants of the Bořislavka Centre.

We participated in the installation of “Ledovec” (Iceberg), a story told over the heads of visitors and tenants of the Bořislavka Centre.

LASVIT, a Czech design glass company, in the Bořislavka Centre assembled its unique and original piece and at the same time its largest glass installation not only in Prague and the Czech Republic, but in the whole of Europe. The Iceberg represents a beautiful marriage of craft, art, modern technology and materials. It was designed by LASVIT’s art director and designer Maxim Velčovský. The Iceberg is a story on the crystalline form and the overall aesthetic of the building complex, where Sipral supplied the curtain walling of all four buildings.

In March 2021, following a year of preparations, 2D planning, 3D modelling and manufacturing, our team led by Petr Nenička and comprising Jaroslav Ryšlavý and Markéta Bartáková entered the stage of installation of the load-bearing structure and individual lamellas inside the 463 square metre lobby.

The entire piece of art hangs on steel rods attached to the steel supporting structure. It includes special fixtures for suspension of the decorative lamellas as well as suspension of the glass pieces that make up LASVIT’s art piece. Ventilation system, electrical fittings and other technological distribution lines are hidden above the structure. When planning the structure it was necessary to design structural supporting columns that are also situated within the premises. The structure flows around them. Lighting is hidden in spaces between the structure and the lamellas, which also conceal maintenance and revision access points.

The decorative lamellas add dynamism to the whole piece of art, making the space cosier and warmer. They are made of wood fiber boards, which are dyed in the mass. These pressed fibreboards are becoming nowadays quite popular in interior design especially thanks to to their aesthetic and technical advantages such as high durability and resistance to moisture, temperature, impacts and scratches. Each of the 1,503 lamellas has a different length, shape and width, which allows to create a complex wavy appearance.

The installation of the individual lamellas took place in spring of 2021. They were assembled gradually and in tandem with 110 glass pieces of the “Iceberg”.


LASVIT is a global pacesetter for creating daring, unique space and light experiences that are designed to elevate the feelings and the aesthetic of all. Founded by Leon Jakimič, LASVIT is both a taste and a thought leader in the design industry, with a boundless optimism and hunger for making art and design inviting by fusing the traditional with the modern.

A modern, progressive spacial concept company, schooled in the long traditions of Bohemian Glassworks, LASVIT is a hub of uniquely creative art, design and production talent that creates breathtaking bespoke installations exhibited the world over, as well as uniquely stunning glass lighting and glassware collections.

LASVITs’ unformulaic and unafraid approach has captivated the global design industry, even winning the design “Oscar” award at Salone del Mobile.

Over the years, LASVIT has attracted renowned designers and artists who wish to collaborate with a brave, unconventional Czech company. Together with such influential voices as The Campana Brothers, Kengo Kuma, Yabu Pushelberg, Nendo and Ross Lovegrove, LASVIT has helped their partners to realize the most unforgettable glass collections through uninhibited artistry and unparalleled craft.

LASVIT is dedicated to a singular mission: To “Lift everyone” by creating breathtaking and sublime space experiences that touch the soul of all who look upon them.

source: LASVIT