Praha Ruzyně Airport - administrative centre

Praha Ruzyně Airport - administrative centre
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accomplishment 1997–1998
investor RODOP
type of construction stick system facade, frame constructions, fire-rated constructions
type of building administrative
general contractor Konstruktiva Group, Konsit
project volume of the facade 0–1,9 mil. EUR

As the traffic at Ruzyně international airport in Prague grows the needs and demand to enlarge services and increase their quality grow as well. The new administrative building is placed opposite the arrival hall along a two-lane road leading from the airport. Distance of the building from the arrival hall is approximately 200 m. In vicinity there is a multi-storey parking place and the center is connected with the departure hall througha covered walkway.

Praha Ruzyně Airport - administrative centre

The structure serves for airline, customs, dispatching and transport companies which ensure the airport operation with their activities or having their headquarters near the airport is important and prestigious for them. Companies serving a wide range of passengers – a bank, a supermarket, car rentals and others – also provide their service there.

The building has a mounted concrete skeleton clad with facade warming-up system. Its appearance is accentuated by three triple bays on both front facades and gambles on sides. On the facades individual floors there are combined opening elements with a fixed glazing. In spandrel parts there are thermally-insulating panels with non-transparent glass inserted. In between bays there are ribbon windows solved again as a combination of opening glazing, fixed glazing and non-transparent insulating panels. These aluminum structures made of Schüco FW 50 (facade) and Schüco Royal S 65 (windows) are glazed with Luxguard CP 35 black tinted glass and Luxguard Thermopac CP 35 enameled non-transparent glass, that is in contrast with white paint of the building. Windows on the first floor are glazed with clear glazing.

Shop-windows on the ground floor are made of facade system and they continue to the bays. In the ground-floor and the first floor interior there are inner partitions made of ABS fire-rated system separating fire sector. In the bank part these are also equipped with safety glass and integrated automatic door.