Czech National Bank

Czech National Bank
Hradec Králové
[ 56 ]

accomplishment 1994–1995
investor Česká národní banka
architect Ateliér Zídka-Plocek-Misik, Architektonická kancelář
type of construction stick system facade, structural facade, frame constructions, fire-rated constructions, shading systems, atypical constructions
type of building administrative
general contractor Vojenské stavby
project volume of the facade 0–1,9 mil. EUR

In the years 1994-1995, Sipral took part in the creation of a new branch of the Czech National Bank in Hradec Kralove, supplying the glass-aluminium facade and interior elements. Located in an area of new construction area near the city centre, it is the first building to be constructed as a part of the planned new commercial and financial district.The authors of the design compositionally divided the building into three parts with an architectural form of similar appearance. The corner structure, with mirrored glass units set into stone cladding, creates the impression of a compact firm cube. To achieve this architectural aim, the Hueck GF 60 structural facade system was chosen for the structure of the window areas. Undulated glazed areas, resembling softly connecting pairs of wings at rest on the corner part, are a feature of particular structural interest. This, the technically most demanding structure has a layout projection of a broken curve. It encloses the individual floors form outside and it also creates a terrace and loggia railing with its inclined parts. The walls are made of Fenster Werner system in structural glazing design.The mirror reflection of the surroundings in the structurally glazed areas is emphasised with use of a high-reflexive glass of Calorex type.Light steel structures placed in front of glazed facades evoke a feeling of firm unification of all three parts of the building into a single complex. They are clad with elox aluminium sheets, and were also a part of Sipral?s order.The architects were confronted with strict requirements to have the elevational widths of window frame structures as small as possible. Only a fully integrated window system Hueck IF meets their requirements. For construction of bullet-proof strip windows, the Hueck 2.1 system was chosen. This system is completed with alloyed aluminium cladding (in required ballistic resistance) from outside.One other interesting structure is the inner glazing of spiral staircase in the central hall of the building. Technically, it is a facet facade of Hueck KF 50 system with Hueck IF integrated windows. The dining room glazed cladding, walls on terrace next to head´s office and loggia wall are made of the same systems. These are enlarged by a sliding door of Hueck 2.1 system.Attention should also be directed to the structures termed ?atypical?: the glazed canopy above entrance to the residential quarters, the bullet-proof circular skylights, and part of the winter garden structure.In addition many of the interior glazed structures are a part of Sipral?s commission. The authors´ aim was to express the value, stability and worth of the Czech currency; contributing to this impression is the conscious choice of the finest, and most imperishable, building materials. Ranked among them, we are proud to note is the glass-aluminium system supplied by Sipral, in fulfilling the most demanding requirements for the long term.