ČS bank

ČS bank
Česká Lípa
[ 55 ]

accomplishment 1995
investor Česká spořitelna
type of construction structural facade, atypical constructions
type of building administrative
general contractor Průmstav
project volume of the facade 0–1,9 mil. EUR

In course of 1995 a headquarters of Česká spořitelna regional office was finished in Česká Lípa. In this project Sipral took part with delivery of glazed structures, windows and doors. All glazed structures of this project, a pergola above the main entrance, a dome roof skylight and roof skylights above the staircase were atypical in a way and they belong among the most interesting parts of our delivery.

ČS bank

The pergola above the main entrance into the building consists of eight trusses made of aluminium profiles mutually strutted with transoms. The whole structure is suspended with stainless cables and anchored on the masonry structure of the building where a drainage gutter is created. The arched structure is equipped with a 6mm thick polycarbonate covering.

ČS bank

The dome-shaped skylight is placed above the central spiral staircase and creates roofing at the level of the 3rd floor. A diameter of the whole polygonal structure made of varnished aluminium profiles is 12000mm. The whole structure consists of three main parts: a steel collar and anchoring boards, the aluminium dome itself and its glazing.

The aluminium dome is embedded into a steel peripheral collar that is anchored in the masonry structure of the building and lies on anchoring boards enabling expansion movements. It consists of 16 installation elements that were placed, levelled and welded directly on site.

The aluminium dome structure consists of 16 main spinal meridians drilled together on the top with two horizontal sheets (a rosette). These meridians are connected through parallels. In the middle of parallel length there are intermediate meridians. The dome is glazed with 24mm thick thermally-insulating double-glass units. The external glass is STOPSOL 6mm, the internal glass is a glued 2x3mm CONNEX. 8 types of glazed panes in total are structurally glued onto the structure, joints are also sealed. Along the structure perimeter there is a gutter created for drainage of rainwater and the structure drainage.

Two roof skylights of 3500 x 5860 mm located above the staircase have arched shape composed of segments where the arch height is 700mm. The aluminium structure is made with 6 frame beams that are inter-connected through articulation of crossbars. Frame feet are anchored into anchoring beams bolted throughdowels to the concrete collar of the building. Structural glazing is made of 24mm thick insulating double-glass units of: external glassSTOPSOL SUPERSILVER GREEN 6mm, reflexive glass on the position 1, inner glass CONNEX 6mm.