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accomplishment 2012–2013
investor Development Florentinum
architect Cigler Marani Architects
type of construction unitised facade, shading systems, stick system facade
type of building administrative
general contractor stavební manažer - K4
project volume of the facade > 10 mil. < 20 mil.EUR

Florentinum is a modern administrative building located in the centre of Prague close to Masaryk´s station. The building substitutes the original Rudé právo object, which later on became a seat of Czech typography that did not fit in the surrounding built-up area. The building, in spite of its generous dimensions respects character of the area it is situated in.


Cigler Marani Architects studio is the author of architectonic design. Florentinum consists of two parallel longitudinal wings connected through diagonal buckles – arcs that stand out above horizon of the surrounding buildings.


The realization did not include only construction of the administrative building itself but also creation of a new public space – piazza of 3000 m2, re-cultivation of Desfours garden and reconstruction of the surrounding roads.

There are 49 000 m2 of new office areas in nine floors complemented with 7 500 m2 of retail area and on the ground-floor and the first underground floor. On three underground floors there are 600 new parking lots being constructed as well as more than 3 000 m2 of storage area.

The light external envelope was „tailor-made“ for this building. Element facade makes the main part of the facade. Total scope of modules in a project amounts to 19 000 m2. Total number of installed modules is more than 1800. Thanks to complexity and jaggedness of the facade the number of used modules reached more than 700. With its character the element facade is divided into two basic parts – vertical element facade on longitudinal objects and sloping element facades on the arcs. The ninth floor of towers represents a special type of a sloping element facade with arched modules.

Basic size of element facade modules is 2,7x3,85 m. In each module glazed with insulating double-glass units there is an opening window installed. In non-transparent part of modules there are bond boards installed. In the space of piazza and the main facade in the street Na Florenci the non-transparent parts of modules are also equipped with bond boards. In lower floors these are equipped with 3D glass-fibre cement shaped pieces where their horizontal and vertical lines create plastic relief of the facade and represent a characteristic element of the building design.

The facade of the arcs is a unique system of an element facade technical design. Thanks to the facade geometry the installed modules are installed on each floor in a different incline. Basic width of the tower element facade is 2.7m, length of modules varies from 3.8m to 5.2m. The non-transparent part of modules is equipped with treillage system from the exterior that creates continuous lines copying the facade in a shape of a parable.

There are many special designs of modules on the facade of towers used only once in this project. These are mainly the spatial modules of balconies and arched modules on the ninth floor. The arched modules represent unique realization in the category of element facades thanks to complexity of their design, fabrication demanding character and number of used components.

Execution of the element facade was commenced in November 2012, installation of the modules themselves started in January 2013. Installation of all modules was finished in the middle of June 2013, i.e. approximately five months from the installation commencement.

In the parterre the element facade is complemented with a stick facade. Total scope of stick facades is more than 3 000 m2. In the entrance lobby where the facade goes over two floors there is used a mounting system on a steel structure. In other spaces the facade is a stick system going over one floor. In the exterior of non-transparent parts of the stick facade there is a 3D glass-fibre cladding installed as well as on the vertical element facade.

Sipral also provided interior facade of shopping malls, interior facade of the entrance lobby, exterior suspended ceilings, canopies, skylights, roof penthouses for technologies and maintenance system.