Bořislavka Centre

Bořislavka Centre
[ 312 ]

accomplishment 2019–2020
architect Aulík Fišer architekti, s.r.o.
type of construction unitised and stick-system façade, glazed skylights
type of building administrative, commercial
project volume of the facade > 10 mil. < 20 mil.EUR

Bořislavka Centre is a multifunctional building that enriches Evropská Avenue with original timeless architecture which conforms to the principles of sustainable development. Sipral is responsible for supplying the project’s complete building envelope, consisting of four individual buildings, each shaped like an irregular natural crystal set into the continuous lower part of the structure.

Bořislavka Centre

In August 2012, KKCG Real Estate completed a transaction that resulted in the acquisition of the project company BOŘISLAVKA OFFICE & SHOPPING CENTRE. The investor will carry out the construction of the complex according to the winning design of Aulík Fišer architekti.

Four administrative buildings will offer over 24,000 m2 of class A premises for lease. The lower part of the building, which connects the individual objects, offers 9,000 m2 of retail space, including a supermarket as well as dozens of other retail units and restaurants. Part of the parterre is seamlessly linked with terrace gardens and park areas.

For this project, Sipral will deliver approximately 18,500 m2 of glass façades, 1,100 m2 of skylights, almost 100 tons of supporting steel structures, and approximately 2,000 m2 of other structures (including ventilated lining and additional structures).

The buildings’ main façades have been designed with structural glazing. The glazing is thus free of any mullions between individual glass panels, which emphasises the crystalline appearance of the façades.

The envelopes of the individual objects combine unitised façades in vertical sections with stick-system façades in angular sections. The scope of supply also includes a large glass skylight with supporting steel structure above the atrium between objects 1 and 2. Sipral will also supply three smaller skylights for this project, which also comprise supporting steel structures, located on the terrace and roof of object 1 and further in the parterre. The scope of supply also comprises smaller structures – glazed facades, envelopes of roof superstructures, exterior soffits, entrance systems, and some minor interior structures. Worthy of mention is the atypical conference room glazing complemented by large-format bent glass in room corners. The roof of each building will be equipped with a Rostek access system for maintenance and cleaning of the façades.