Reconstruction, Na Příkopě

Reconstruction, Na Příkopě
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accomplishment 2007
investor Penta Investment
architect Cigler Marani Architects
type of construction access systems
type of building commercial
general contractor Geosan Group
project volume of the facade 0–1,9 mil. EUR

During re-costruction of the house No. 848 on Na Příkopě 6 street, Prague 1 Sipral supplied access systems to the internal part of glazed atrium structure and to the part of vertical peripheral walls. This access is solved with a Rostek one-rail access system RS 110. This is an aluminum profile with a varnished surface, that is suspended under the skylight steel structure to which it is attached with steel anchoring brackets with the same surface treatment of powder-baking varnish. On the structure there are three tracks suspended, total size of a profile is approx 27 m (3x9 m). There are profiles without bends. Each of the three one-rail tracks is equipped with a manually driven trolley that is non-removable. For manually driven movement there are three trolleys used on the tracks. Each of them is equipped with two eyes to attach a climbing rope since according to the specification the cleaning is considered to be done only with climbing technique. Each trolley is equipped with a screw brake so it is possible to stop on any place of the one-rail track and fix against movement sideways.