ČSOB, Radlická

ČSOB, Radlická
[ 242 ]

accomplishment 2006
investor Centrum Radlická
architect AP Atelier
type of construction access systems
type of building administrative
general contractor Skanska CZ
project volume of the facade 0–1,9 mil. EUR

For the CSOB headquarters on Radlická street in Prague 6, opened in 2006, Sipral executed access systems for maintenance of internal and external parts of the building. There were used Rostek systems, where all aluminum parts are treated with natural anodizing Elox E6/EV1, steel parts are zinc-coated. Access to external peripheral facades of the project is solved with a Rostek RS133 single rail access system. This is a subtle aluminum profile that copies the facade shape to which it is fixed with steel anchoring brackets that transport the profile to a necessary distance from the facade face. Each one-rail track is always equipped with two manually driven trolleys, that are non-removable. One of a pair of trolleys is equipped with a screw brake and two eyes for attachment of a suspended cradle (a gondolla). With the screw brake the trolley can be stopped on any place of the track. Smooth and easy movement of the trolleys is ensured with bearing wheels on which they move along the profile. On external peripheral facades there are 8 one-rail tracks in total, i.e. 408 m of aluminum profileand 16 pcs of trolleys for a suspended manually-driven craddle. For access to internal side of the structures of the big atrium skylights there were used three Rostek horizontal gantry platforms, which are motor-driven with a movable tower superstructure (to reach bottom face of the glazed roof). Along atrium sides there are gantry profiles attached on steel brackets. The gantry profiles serve as rails for the gantry platforms. Platform structure is made of aluminum with steel frames. Movement of the gantry platform along the rail track is ensured with electric motor drive. Length of one gantry platform is approx. 24 m. Total length of gantry profiles for tracks is 198 m (3 x 66m). To maintain internal sides of each out of 5 small skylight structures of 8x8m there were used 2 pieces of RS133 straight horizontal tracks. Aluminum gantry profiles are fixed with steel anchors to the atrium walls. The middle track is attached to the skylight steel structure. There move 20 manually-driven trolleys for a suspended cradle on ten one-rail tracks, for which there were approx. 85 m of profile used.For all interior and exterior one-rail tracks there is a suspended platform (a gondolla),Rostek type BMU for 2 persons used. On the entry point the manipulation staff attaches steel ropes of the suspended platform to gantry trolleys and connects an electric energy supply cable. Ropes and a cable can be run from above or drawn up on a cable from bellow. A suspended platform moves in vertical direction with electric motor drives. It moves horizontally by pulling along the gantry profile, facade or dragging right above the ground. For pulling towards the facade in its overlapping part the gondolla is equipped with winches. When work is over the ropes and cable are disconnected and gantry trolleys are left on the entry point locked with a screw brake. In the exterior it is necessary to protect the gondolla against weather conditions.