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accomplishment 2004–2005
investor Zentiva
architect Ranný Architects
type of construction complete external envelope, stick system facade, point-fixed facade, structural facade, frame constructions, external cladding, fire-rated constructions, shading systems, access systems
type of building administrative
general contractor Skanska CZ
project volume of the facade 2–3,9 mil. EUR

One of the biggest drug companies in the Czech Republic - Zentiva (former Léčiva) decided to reconstruct and modernize a worn-out building coming from the 70th. From the original building there was only the reinforced concrete skeleton left and the new design enlarged the building towards all sides. The original square ground plan was substituted with H shape so that it would be possible to enlarge office area and at the same time keep daylight quality standard.

Sipral carried out a complete envelope delivery including external and internal shading and access system. The main envelope of the building was designed as made of structurally glued glass units in combination of transparent and non-transparent elements embedded on FW 50+ system grid facade. Subsequently these placed on the system grid are clad with composite boards of TRESPA type. In the bottom part and adjacing buildings the object is clad with glass fiber cement panels. A part of the building is shaded with fixed exterior horizontal solar-control grills, the rest is shaded with exterior electrically controlled 100mm wide louvers. External shading is connected in the central measuring and regulation system of the building and is complemented with complete interior manually controlled louvers. The escape staircase is clad with BOND composite panels. The building entrance part is solved with an individual FW50+ stick facade system, complemented with an individual glass canopy above the main entrance, interior printed glass claddings and automatic revolving doors. A part of structures was done with EW 30 min. fire resistance.