Praha Ruzyně airport, T2 - Pier C

Praha Ruzyně airport, T2 - Pier C
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accomplishment 2004
investor ČSL - Letiště Praha Ruzyně
architect Nikodem a Partner
type of construction complete external envelope, unitised facade, fire-rated constructions, external cladding
type of building public
general contractor Hochtief VSB
project volume of the facade 0–1,9 mil. EUR

Since the current capacity of check-in area at Prague International Airport was not sufficient it was decided to enlarge the space. Terminal 2 North became the principal part of it. This terminal was connected with the current Terminal 1 through a so called connecting building. Last but not least the check-in Pier C with boarding bridges was connected.

Praha Ruzyně airport, T2 - Pier C

Sipral delivered a complete envelope of the connecting link and Pier C and a part of envelope for Terminal 2 North, the rest was done by Skanska. A standard stick system and a large-scale element system were used there.

Connecting buildinginterlinks the new and the current building. Northern facade of the building (facing the airport tarmac) is made of element system. Connecting hall of the non-public part is clad with elements of 5,5 x 3 m. An inclined facade of air traffic control is projecting out of facade plane.

Southern grid facade smoothly continues the original building of Terminal 1. The facade lies on a supporting steel construction. Main entrances into the building with automatic sliding doors also delivered by Sipral form a part of the facade. Above each entrance there is a glass canopy with panes mounted on disk holders. On the connecting building roof there is a new viewing platform. Sipral delivered the platform glass point-fixed railing.

The connecting building continues to Pier C with ten boarding bridges. This building facade is also formed with a row of elements of 5,7 x 3 m. For the facades of boarding bridges there was also chosen the element system even though each of bridges has a different slope required by the investor. These elements are trapezoidal and unique for each bridge.

Sipral shared the works on envelope of Terminal 2 North main building of 265 x 113 x 29,3 meters with Skanska. Sipral delivered element facades on the southern side of the building (facing the airport tarmac) and grid facades of office and operating rooms.

Grid facades of the main terminal building including main entrances were delivered by Skanska. The principal element facade facing the airport tarmac of 240 m is made of two rows of modules. The upper 80 ones are of 6 x 3 m, the bottom ones of 5,5 x 3 m. In this long facade there are two building dilatations. For this atypical connection of modules there had to be an atypical technical solution designed since here the standard joint of 8 mm between modules enlarged to 88 mm.

This system accelerated the installation substantially and increased quality of the facade. The project was one of stimuli to develop our Trace & Tracking system.